Documentary - Charlottes Castle, TVO
When a foreign-owned developer seeks to destroy Spadina Gardens, a quirky cast of unlikely activists battle to safeguard a Toronto historical landmark they consider themselves the caretakers of.

Documentary - Becoming Canadian, CPAC
BECOMING CANADIAN: Citizens' Stories is a compelling and timely documentary that explores the origins and future of Canadian citizenship. Despite its status as a modern, progressive nation, Canada did not grant citizenship until 1947, a fact that is often overlooked in discussions of the country’s development as a nation.​​​​​​​

Documentary - Prison Moms, CityTv
DP, Editor
A new documentary is exploring the relationship between incarcerated mothers and their children as they parent behind bars. 

Documentary - Thunder Bay, CRAVE, eONE
Thunder Bay, the four - part CRAVE original documentary series follows Ryan McMahon, who is on a quest to uncover the truth behind the deaths of numerous indigenous people in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Documentary - Good People, ApplerFilm
Producer, Director, DOP, Sound and Editor
Good People is a documentary that follows The Windsor Goodfellows as they fight to keep their charitable programs running during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Documentary - Graffiti: The Art that Changes A City, CBC
Producer, Director, DOP, Sound and Editor
Watch as Windsor gets transformed by graffiti artists and discover how their art brings life back into the city's neighbourhoods. 

Documentary - BORN BAD, CBC
Between the 1930s and the 80s, over 21,000 children were sent away from their families and placed in Ontario’s 13 Training Schools. They were places of horror where survivors allege they were abused, beaten and treated like criminals.They didn’t deserve it.

Documentary - Re-Location, CPAC
The Re-Location documentary series is a collection of compelling, socially relevant stories that need to be told, especially in light of ongoing efforts to re-examine historical events and achieve reconciliation by acknowledging past injustice to Canadians who have been marginalized and arbitrarily uprooted for political and economic reasons.

Documentary - Dispatches From A Field Hospital, TVO
Additional Camera and Drone
The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating long-term care homes across Ontario. During the first wave in the spring of 2020, the city of Windsor erected Canada's first MASH-style field hospital almost overnight to isolate and treat elderly patients from Heron Terrace who tested positive for the virus. To fight back against confusion and despair, medical staff created a lifeline between these seniors and their families using iPads and phones. Dispatches from a Field Hospital documents the dramatic stories of several families, including director Matt Gallagher, whose own father became a patient.

Documentary - PREY, TVO
Additional Camera, Sound and Editor TV Trailer
Widespread sexual abuse within the Church has traumatized thousands globally. Many have only recently come forward to speak publicly, while others have been silenced through financial settlements. But PREY follows one survivor as he pursues justice through a public trial in the hopes of forcing the dark and hidden story of clergy sexual abuse to light.

Documentary - Craig Forget Reclaimed Wood Artist, TVO
Producer, Director, DOP, Sound, Editor and Music
Short doc on wood artist Craig Forget. Second prize for TVO short doc contest 2019 and featured on CBC.

Documentary - YEAR OF THE GUN, CBC
Toronto markets itself as a world-class, diverse and tolerant city. But if you scratch beneath the surface, the 428 shootings that took place in 2018 will tell a different story. Captured in CBC Docs POV’s Year of the Gun, produced and directed by Toronto filmmaker Marc de Guerre, it’s a story of disparities between neighbourhoods, some that are well-served and others that are forced to live with a constant fear of violence.

Documentary - Time To Die, VICE UK
Additional Cinematography
None of us can predict when or how we're going to die; we spend our lives not thinking about death. Time To Die is a feature-length documentary following four people, all on a mission to end their own lives.

Documentary - Sharkwater Extinction
Assistant Editor
Sharkwater: Extinction is a thrilling and inspiring action packed journey that follows award winning filmmaker Rob Stewart as he exposes the massive illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it - a conspiracy that is leading to the extinction of sharks.

Documentary - 6IXRISING, NOISEY
Additional Cinematography
2017 Summer/Fall
It's no secret Toronto has recently placed itself amongst North America's most buzz worthy music cities due to the blockbuster ascents of Drake and the Weekend. But that attention has also turned the city's local rap scene into a hyper-competitive, prolific, and highly creative environment for young artists.

Documentary - Family Camera, TVO 
2017 Winter/Spring
This documentary is a moving look at 150 years of Canadian history through the iconic family photograph. From the first daguerreotypes taken in the 1840s to today's digital snapshots, family photographs have become important historical and anthropological artifacts that reflect who we are as a nation. Through the stories of five exceptional Canadian families, the film explores how these images document our lives and bear witness to history.

Documentary - Fort Mac: After The Fire, VICELAND
2nd Camera, Drone, Editor
2016 Winter
Fort Mac: After The Fire documents the struggles, dreams, and necessary compromises made by the people who have chosen to carve out their futures in Fort McMurray.

Documentary - CUT-OFF,  VICELAND 
AC, Drone, Sound, Editor
2016 Summer
CUT-OFF is an immersive look at Indigenous youth in communities coping amid states of emergency over suicide epidemics and a lack of access to clean water. The documentary features Prime Minister Trudeauʼs exclusive visit to an isolated reserve.

AC, Additional Cinematography
With unique access to the Detroit Institute of Arts and all the principal players in the bankruptcy, BEAUTY AND RUIN is the riveting story of the history of an astonishing art museum in the context of a failing city, and the definitive behind the scenes look at the crisis that stands to destroy it.

Documentary - How to Prepare for Prison, TVO
2nd Camera,  AC, Sound and Editor TV Trailer 
Fuelled by fear, regret, defiance and redemption, this intimate documentary follows the stories of three people facing prison for the first time. Shot over three years, the film goes behind the scenes and into the offices of lawyers and judges, and into the homes of ordinary citizens caught in the crosshairs of the law. It captures their growing psychological distress as they await judgment.

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