Time To Die is a new feature length documentary by VICE Studios. 
About Time To Die: None of us can predict when or how we're going to die; we spend our lives not thinking about death. Time To Die is a feature-length documentary following four people, all on a mission to end their own lives. Some are old and in pain; others are young but terminally ill; others are dealing with mental health issues and feel that their life is intolerable. All have become “members” of Exit International, an underground organisation that gives advice on how to achieve a peaceful death, including details on lethal drugs and guidance on how to source and administer them, even if it means breaking the law. But such activity can be tracked by authorities. Interpol intercepts 'members' messages, leading to armed police raids on private homes in search of these drugs. As the arguments on an individual's right to choose the time and manner of their demise rage on, Time To Die explores the highly charged issue of assisted dying and assisted suicide and brings to light important questions on both sides of this debate. There are no easy answers.
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